Rubber products

UAB Metga produces a variety of seals, gaskets, bushings, sealing rings, profile rubber, shock absorbers, rubber panels, products for agricultural machinery, various rubber parts for the food industry (beverages, fish, meat producers), and a variety of products for other industries: couplings, sleeves, membranes, diaphragms, clamps, fasteners strips, seals etc.

We can design a mould according to the model or drawing, and cast any non-standard rubber component in unlimited quantities.

We produce rubber bumpers and shock absorbers affixed to the ramps to prevent shocks during loading / unloading operations. They are widely used in logistic centres, shopping centres, bases, marine and river ports.

We can manufacture metal shafts, wheels and rubber-coat or sand them. We cut the shaft grooves.


  • We rubber-coat shafts for all types of woodworking machines, conveyor rollers for a variety of industries, shafts for varnishing, labelling, grinding machinery etc.
  • We rubber-coat wheels and pulleys of the same function and different widths and diameters.
  • The maximum rubber-coated shaft length including axles is 4000 mm.
  • The maximum diameter of rubber-coated shafts and wheels is 500 – 800 mm
  • We use Finnish, Swedish, Polish rubber mixtures for rubberising.

   Rubber types: SBR, EPDM, NBR, NR, SBR+NR, rubber hardnesses from 45 Sh to 85 Sh.

   Resistances: resistant to weathering, oil and its products, friction, shock, acids / alkalis.

   We use silicones of various colours. Hardness from 60 Sh to 80 Sh.

                                Our products are characterised by high quality and reliability.