Metal processing

UAB Metga has the experienced and competent engineering team capable of meeting your requirements from a concept to a ready-made detail, product or fully functional mechanism.

Our diverse range of machinery allows us to carry out a wide range of orders.

We weld complex and extremely high-quality structures from stainless steel for food and water treatment industry. We produce components for a variety of mechanisms and machines. We produce stainless steel for bread baking business, meat, dairy processing plants, factories, beer, wine and soft beverage companies, also custom products for companies that supply them to the food industry;

We specialize in the production of commercial equipment in black and stainless steel. We manufacture completing parts for furniture. We offer decorative sanding for commercial and other applications, and can provide polished products.

UAB Metga offers the following machining services:

  • Cutting with water-sand jet:(black metal, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, stone, glass, rubber, plastic, wood, ceramics).
  • Welding – electrodes, gas welding, contact welding, MIG, TIG welding with or without wire (stainless steel, black metal, aluminium).
  • Bending – maximum depth 6 mm, maximum length: 3000 mm.
  • Turning, milling, drilling and boring (small batches).
  • Stamping, dies design, production.
  • Metal polishing.
  • Stainless steel cleaning with glass abrasive (glass blasting).